Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Is That In Your Aura? Energy Field?

            I am sure that you have heard the term aura and or energy field.  We are comprised of energy which extends past our physical bodies.  How far past is a matter of debate and deep discussion.  Regardless of how large you believe your energy field to be, be aware of the existence of things within it.  Also be aware that nothing exists in your field without your consent or invitation.

            That means at some point in your existence you agree to allow something in your field.  Or you may invite things into your field by creating cracks in your aura, leaving holes unhealed or leaving your physical body unguarded.

            What does that mean?  When you experience trauma, whether mental, emotional or physical, it creates cracks in your aura.  Left untended these cracks invite entities into your energy field.  Doing things like drinking alcohol, doing drugs and smoking, also open your field and invite entities.  Other things such as channeling where you allow another spirit to inhabit your body also invite entities into your field because you’re leaving your physical body unguarded.

            What do we find in people’s energy fields?  We find implants, outdated agreements and entities very often in people’s energy fields.  Most people don’t even know that they are carrying this stuff around.  You may have made an agreement with someone are something in another time place or dimension to perform a certain way.  These things can include loyalty, fear, anger and even hate.  They can be your commitment to organizations and people made in this lifetime or another.  The entities that exist in our energy fields can be helpful but are usually not.  It is best to clear everything had that is not serving at your highest good from your energy field.

            For instance, in someone who is an alcoholic and craves alcohol you’ll generally find entities that feed off of the energy created when one is letting go control their body and giving up there will to whatever is nearby.  Oftentimes these entities will multiply as the alcoholism develops.  The more entities in the field the less likely the subject is to stay on the wagon.  Alcohol loosens the hold of the soul on the physical body.  Drinking alcohol allows entities to attach themselves to the energetic field.  Sometimes these entities even take control the physical body while the soul is detached.  You will see this in people whose personalities change drastically when their drinking.  If you are observant you can often see changes to the person’s face.  This can be scary and it dangerous not just a person who is drinking but to everyone around them.

            Without consciously going through a process of clearing and cleansing the entire energetic field, one that can travel through life being fodder for things they don’t even realize exist.  Many people are aware of aura cleansing, chakra balancing, pulling cords and the like.  These are good beginning steps to clearing your field.  Every so often, especially if you indulge in alcohol, smoking, drugs or dangerous behavior, you need a deep cleaning.  A simple cleansing will not clear that which you have agreed to in the past.  Also a simple cleansing cannot help when you continually damage your aura consciously.

            For a deep cleansing it is always good to find a practitioner you trust to work with you, as a deep cleansing can become very emotional and have side effects and consequences that you need to deal with and may need help sorting through.  With a deep cleansing you consciously rid your entire energetic field of that which no longer serves your highest good.  This means consciously removing implants, programs, entities, blockages and anything else that doesn’t belong there.

            You may also need a soul retrieval to fully bring your soul, aura and energy field to wholeness.  Often it is seen with trauma and addiction that we leave a piece of ourselves on the astral plane or in the area that the trauma occurred, or both.  Soul retrieval should be done with no less than two people present; the practitioner performing the soul retrieval and the client or the person performing the soul retrieval and someone to hold the space.  Holding the space means creating a safe space and ensuring the person’s return to their physical body.

            Once your energetic field is cleansed, you’ll need to strengthen your field, your aura.  There are many ways to do this and to keep your energy field clean.  But that is for another time.   


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fearless Expression

     Regardless of the form our self-expression takes we must become fearless. There is always a heckler in the crowd. There will always be people around who choose to judge you, question, and even attack your beliefs and expression. Like a good comedian, use the fodder given you to make your performance better. 

     The naysayers in our lives challenge us. They help us define who we are and what we are striving for. Those who question us force us to question ourselves and build our resolve. Use these circumstances as an opportunity for growth. 

Encourage the questions to chisel away false beliefs and build faith and resolve.

     Often we feel attacked when there is genuine curiosity. We feel attacked because our own internal voice is weak and negative. Listen to the attack as if the words are meant to inspire you. Graciously take the questions and criticisms into your thoughts to help iron out the discrepancies in your thinking. 

     When you survive the hecklers, the naysayers, the negative ones, you grow strong beyond measure. Thank them for the obstacles they place before you, for those are your building blocks. Thank them for their resistance, without their resistance; you cannot build your strength. 

     We need to become aware that we often attract to us what is playing out in our own internal drama. When we find ourselves being questioned, we must face our own fears and doubts. How much of what is happening is self-projected? How much is an internal reaction? Are we so afraid to be ‘different’? Are we so resistant to being who we are? 

     We must learn that it is not our duty to please everyone. Our duty is to maintain our connection to God, to Source, and to nurture that connection. When we have found our expression and through that expression give joyful praise of life, we are whole. 

     When you truly express the Self there is a sense of fulfillment that accompanies the action. You may draw a beautiful picture, take a photograph, give a speech or sing in the shower. There are endless ways to express the self, and they are each as valid as the other. Your self-expression allows those around you to express themselves also. Your freedom, gives them freedom. 


Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Ways to Know if You Should Be Listening to Friends/Family 08/04 by Love Relationships with Syd Ger | Blog Talk Radio

Listen as Success Integration Coach Syd Vitale and Intuitive Relationship Coach Geralyn St Joseph discuss 5 Ways to Know if You Should Be Listening to Friends & Family about Your Relationship.

We all have opinions about the relationships our loved ones choose to be in. And they surely have opinions about ours. When should we listen to others or let outside influences affect our relationship?

Who do we listen to and when? What is the motivation behind what is being said? Do you have the same values? Do you have mutual respect for each other and each other's relationships and lifestyle?

Explore these questions and more as Success Integration Coach Syd Vitale and Intuitive Relationship Coach Geralyn St Joseph discuss 5 Ways to Know if You Should Be Listening to Friends & Family about Your Relationship.

Let Success Integration Coach Syd Vitale and Intuitive Relationship Coach Geralyn St Joseph lead you from limiting beliefs to limitless love!

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5 Ways to Know if You Should Be Listening to Friends/Family 08/04 by Love Relationships with Syd Ger | Blog Talk Radio