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In the world of metaphysics, crystals and gemstones are seen as powerful tools. They can be used for healing, communication and protection to name a few. Although many people know that these precious stones have a variety of uses, few know how to activate this power and keep it clean. You can have a piece of jewelry for decades and never 'wake it up'.

Cleansing, Clearing and Programming

There are a myriad of ways to cleanse your stones. First, I will tell you how I prefer to cleanse and program my stones, and then I will let you know some other methods. You can do what is best for you, and for your stones. What works well for one stone may not be optimal for another. 

For instance, not all stones can handle salt. Salt will create pits in the stone’s surface and can even eat through some stones. Water seems pretty innocuous; however some stones are water soluble. Some stones fade in the sunlight. You can see where I am going with this.

One method that does not have ill effect on any crystal or gemstone is cleansing through energy. Energy like Reiki or the White Light will cleanse a stone and help you to program it for its purpose.

            If you are unfamiliar with the Light White you can find more information on it, and a brief meditation using the White Light. Find the information here
            General cleansing methods include:

                        Water – Running warm water over your crystals while gently rubbing them and sending them loving energy. Be careful of water soluble stones like selenite.

                        Salt Water – Place your stones in salt water [ocean water is best], or dip them in it. Generally it is best not to leave most stones in salt water as the salt will eat most stones over time.

                        Salt – While salt is an angelic substance and a great cleanser, it is NOT good for most stones. It is great for baths and showers however. 

                        Earth – Burying your stones in the Earth [this includes the soil of houseplants] refreshes them and also gives energy back to the mother – Mother Earth that is.

                        Sunlight/Moonlight – I personally always place jewelry on the windowsill after I wear it. Most stones love the sunlight and moonlight [not to mention the rain] However, you must be careful with colored gemstones as they can fade. 

                        Sound – Playing crystal bowls, toning, playing classical or new age music is good for cleansing crystals. 

                        Smudging – You can burn incense or sage around your stones to cleanse them. 

                        Crystals – Yes, you can actually cleanse a crystal with a crystal! The most common way to do this is to have an Amethyst cluster to place your other stones upon. 

            All crystals and gemstones are energized by your love, so give them some of your energy and they will energize you in return.

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