Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In this time

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake
 of dreaming that 
I am persecuted whenever
 I am contradicted” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

This needs to be seen, read and understood. 
Honest communication means that we will have points we do not agree on. 
This can lead to great conversations that can bring education and understanding of another's views. **Keep your hot temper and need to be correct to yourself. ** Discuss it. Drop all the 'political correctness' that only leads to derision. Stop looking to be offended by every innocuous comment. 

Be objective, listen, explain, learn, discuss.

In this time of division and derision let's be honest, open and willing to discuss. 
Not tolerance, but acceptance that we can all have different opinions. So long as we do no harm, know that it is okay.

In this time when our 'civilization' is built on division, let's choose UNITY. 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is grounding?

Most people in the metaphysical community use the term ‘grounding’. ‘She’s so un-grounded’; ‘You just need to ground yourself’ etc. The act of grounding is done to connect ourselves to the Earth. It is a re-connection to the planet and our physical bodies.
Most that use the term don’t really have a concept of what it is, or how it is done. It has almost become a cliché.
When we ‘ground’ ourselves we release excess energy we have picked up through various means. Directing our energy through the Gaia Point allows us to ultimately release our ‘energetic baggage’, our stress and negativity, into the Earth to be recycled and utilized in a beneficial way. And thus we play our part as an instrument of the Earth’s energy system.
Energy is neutral. We label it as positive or negative, but at its core energy is neutral. Energy is meant to be returned to Source to be recycled, reused, and reassigned. Dust to dust and so on.
We release this energy through our Gaia Point. I have perceived this point as a variety of colors from reddish-brown to golden green. I recognize this point as always in the Earth itself, always below us. I have heard it described as 18 inches below the feet, I find this to be true when one is standing on the ground. However, when one is horizontal the point is directly below their center in the Earth. This point stays anchored in the Earth regardless of distance [I have no idea how this works with space travel since I have not had any astronauts as clients since I began working with this point].
There are a variety of ways to ground ourselves and reconnect with this Earth energy. Some of my favorites are the most simple, but not always the easiest to accomplish depending on where you live. Things such as: Walking barefoot on the ground – in dirt, on grass or sand – while being aware of the Earth beneath your feet is the quickest way to reconnect; a walk in the woods, touching the trees and being aware that you are exchanging breath with these wonderful living things; swimming in the ocean or other natural body of water and being aware of the flow of energy that exists there. Notice the key word here is AWARE. Being aware of the life force that flows through nature helps us to connect to it. Awareness comes through appreciation.
I use the terms Gaia and Earth interchangeably. I apologize if this offends anyone, however I perceive Gaia as the personification of the Earth as a living being. Earth seems so impersonal whereas I feel that the term Gaia holds a natural respect and affection deserving of this life supporting entity.
But what if you are not in a position to connect directly with nature? Not to worry, there are plenty of options. You can use any number of representations of the Earth to focus on from pictures of a tree to a sound machine that mimics the ocean to a houseplant and more. Be imaginative. Even a drop of pure maple syrup on your tongue can connect you to Gaia.
If you think about it, just about everything around you has some essence of the Earth. Short of things like plastic and polyester most things are gifts from our Earth mother. So finding something to touch, view, hear, taste, smell or even visualize is not an issue. If I am stuck in the house I like to watch a video of the ocean and hold a bit of sea salt. But that’s me I’m an island girl at heart. Maybe you want to hold your houseplant or smell the leftover branches of your Christmas Tree [Disclaimer: I do not advocate the slaughter of innocent trees for decoration] The point is that we all can find what works best for us and we can use a variety of these techniques.

Excerpt from: 
Discover Your Whole Self - Step by Step Guide to Healing Your Self Through the Chakra Energy System: Experience Life at 100%! (Self-Empowerment Series) Full Version
Due out Spring 2015

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