Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is an Exorcism?

In my vocabulary I use the term exorcism only when removing a demon from a person or location. I call it a clearing when dealing with ghosts and other energies. A demon is an entity that has never been human and feeds on emotions such as fear and anxiety.

In my experience you do not have to believe in demons to suffer a possession. Some of the things that make people susceptible are: physical trauma, any type of abuse that alters a persons perception of self, drinking, smoking and drug ingestion of any kind that alters one's energy and/or thought processes. I have also seen possession due to a karmic agreement by the person or a parent. Everyone is susceptible to a certain extent - know anyone who undergoes a drastic personality change when they drink? Then can't remember their actions right away? It's more a matter of knowing your own Self and acknowledging when something isn't right. Quickly recognizing a stray emotion or negative thought gives you the power to refute it.

I find that people who engage in the type of religions that teach a lack of self worth are feeding grounds for these negative entities. The Bible [Jesus specifically] preaches to love ourselves, so any church telling us how wicked and undeserving we are directly opposes the gospel. Letter of Paul to the Romans is full of warnings against such preaching pretending to be from God. Especially Romans 16: 17. I'm not going too far into that. I have a Bible Study on Blog Talk Radio you can refer to if you are interested. Demons are not church specific or faith specific, however they will manifest in a way particular to the victim. Be strong in who you are, your faith and be joyful - demons hate that!

Where do you suggest an individual go if they are looking for someone to perform an exorcism? Do most exorcisms require more than one person?

I would recommend finding someone who makes you feel deeply at peace when you speak to them. They should also try to rule out mental illness or other causes for your woes.

I was raised Catholic and I know that Catholic exorcisms are rarely performed. And honestly, a full blown exorcism is seldom needed.

How many people participate depends on the situation. I have done them alone with the subject or have had the family who is effected involved at other times. The key is that if it is a person who is infected, they need to truly want to be cleared and the must have faith that God will deliver them. Sometimes this is accomplished in the course of the work.

Some take weeks where others take only an hour. Every situation is different.
Make sure whoever you hire is compassionate and not just flaming your fear to make as much money from you as possible.

They should know what to do with the entity once they remove it so it doesn't come back. They should instruct the subject to fortify their connection with God and their protection to ensure against a relapse. Family members and those close to the subject should also be protected during and after the ritual.

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