Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is a Ghost?

One of the most frequently asked questions of psychics and mediums is "What is a ghost?" A ghost is a person’s soul that is caught between our world and the next dimension with no physical body.These are sometimes confused with Spirits, Emotional Imprints and other phenomenon. 

In my experience, a ghost usually is convinced that it is still alive. Can you imagine the trauma of waking up one day to find that no one can hear you or see you? You can no longer effect things the way you used to. It usually takes time for them to figure out what they can affect. Movies such as "The Sixth Sense" and "Ghost" are fairly accurate portrayals of a ghost’s existence. 

There are many reasons why a soul may become trapped. The number one reason I’ve encountered is FEAR. Fear of going to hell. Fear of the unknown. Fear of leaving loved ones without guidance. Just plain fear. Anxiety is another variation on fear that strongly binds a soul to the Earth plane. Anger can also bind a soul. Anger is a wound trying to defend itself. The worst tether to this plane is a loved one who refuses to let go. This often is not permanent, but delays the soul’s departure. 

A ghost has no notion of time anymore. I believe this is partially for self preservation because once a ghost is around longer than a normal life span it becomes harder to deny their condition. Along the same lines is the myth that a ghost cannot leave certain parameters. It chooses to exist in a smaller area because it can remain comfortable there. It’s much easier to deal with the new elements in a single room than with the monumental changes occurring outside. Think about how different the landscape is in just the last twenty years.

In my experience, a ghost will retain a fair amount of that life’s memories. A ghost cannot foresee the future however and has the same limits in intelligence it had when in physical form. A ghost is simply a person without a body.

The emotional body of a ghost is very strong. In fact the primary way to discern if you are dealing with a ghost vs. a spirit that has crossed over or another non-physical life form is through emotion. When a ghost is near or trying to communicate with you generally the first indicator is strong emotion. This is usually fear, anger, anxiety or grief. The trick is to be aware of where in your body you feel this. A ghost will activate the third eye – the emotion feels like pressure between your eyes and is usually very intense.

Most people can sense ghosts, they just don’t understand how to discern whether an emotion is coming from inside them or from outside. Most people just assume that emotions must be generated from inside themselves. Becoming more aware of your body and how it reacts to different emotions is the first step to discovering your intuition.

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